01​ Search Engine Guts

If you want to know what happens inside Search Engine Guts, let me give you a tour of the not-so-messy insides of a typical Search Engine. All Search Engines are composed of three parts, they are the following: 1. Spider Software 2. Index Software 3. Query Software Just what are these three jargon's? For simplicity's sake, let me give you a run through: Spider Software is synonymous to 'crawlers', 'spiders' and 'robots'. Metaphorically speaking, this software is designed to 'crawl' the web pages looking for target keywords in your content text, links and URL's. Running through millions and millions of web pages to collect and add them to search engine indices'. The Index Software is where all the 'spiders' throw all their collections of masses and masses of text, links and URL's using what programmers call algorithms. Image result for software engineeringSince an algorithm is a complex mathematical formula, it has the capacity to index all your target keywords from the web pages. (Now you are seeing the importance of well researched Keywords... This is what the algorithms recognize and will ONLY index) The algorithms will then analyse the pages and links for all keyword combinations and eventually assign scores that will be able to tell the search engine just how important the web page and URL is for the person who is doing the research. Storing it, and making it available for browsers. Where is the Query software in all of these? The Query Software is the 'front end' that everyone thinks of in a search engine. It presents the results of the first two (Spider / Index Software) who have worked invisibly on our behalf. You have seen this in the context of the 'box' in which you type your search terms. Take note that the Query software DOES NOT search the web for information but merely checks its records from its own index software in which raw data has been collected by its own spider software. Maria Paula Tolentino is an SEO consultant for NetBooster Asia and has been doing Search Engine Optimization for the past 2 years. Her expertise lie in technical writing, web content, SEO, SEM and SMO © Maria Paula Tolentino Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Maria_Paula_Tolentino/182946 Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1022045

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